Grow your agency with better, smarter and faster data

Grow your agency with the world’s largest pool of consumer data.

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Fight the rise of in-house agencies

The continual emphasis on the bottom line and cost-savings has accelerated the rise of keeping projects in-house. With Brandwatch, you’ll be able to offer services that brands need, but can’t produce in-house.

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Grow your agency with unique pitches and services

Standing out amongst other agencies that are offering similar solutions is a constant challenge. Use Brandwatch to win more pitches with hyper-relevant data and grow accounts with new services.

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Move faster than other agencies

To beat the competition you’ll need to report with ease, prepare pitches quickly, and gather insights instantly. Brandwatch offers the fastest listening solution on the market, helping you move faster than your competition.

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Why FDM?

  • You and your team spends hours of vital time doing menial data analysis
  • You’re one step behind your client, slow to keep up with new problems and opportunities
  • You struggle to create campaigns that truly resonate and drive ROI
  • You use the industry’s leading AI to do the heavy-lifting for you and get insights in minutes
  • You receive an alert every time something significant happens around your client
  • You instantly identify influencers, content, and messaging needed to drive success

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