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Instant, accurate, reliable results

Get instant and accurate results, research from anywhere, at anytime, in any market with the most reliable data.

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Launch surveys instantly

Create and launch surveys within minutes. Use our unique, non-incentivised methodology to get trustworthy answers from billions of individuals all over the globe.

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Report quicker than ever

Traditional market research takes weeks to collect and analyze insights. Now you can collect data in real-time and generate insights right away

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Exceptional Market Research

Collect results in markets you could never before. Brandwatch allows you to conduct real-time research in hard to reach markets China, India and the Middle East.

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Why FDM?

  • Data take weeks to collect and analyze
  • Solicited data from a handful of incentivized panelists
  • Difficult to research obscure markets
  • Analyze data instantly in real-time
  • Reliable prompted and unprompted data from 100,000s of engaged, yet non incentivized respondents
  • Maintain consistent methodology in hard to reach markets across the globe

What would you ask 2 billion people?

Survey real people around the globe and analyze conversations from online consumers, with over 10 years of historical data available. Get answers instantly and collect data in real-time.

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  • Fast: receive results in minutes rather than weeks

  • Accurate: survey actual people – not an incentivised panel
  • Global: reach 150 countries including hard to reach markets

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