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Market Research

Survey billions, instantly. Traditional market research is time-consuming and costly. Brandwatch you can survey 2 billion people, monitor conversation across the web, and collect 10 years of historical data to answer questions fast.

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Reliable data you can trust

Using non-incentivized methodologies you get trustworthy answers from respondents. Brandwatch offers solicited and unsolicited feedback from billions of individuals.

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Real-time results

Traditional market research takes weeks to collect and analyze insights. Brandwatch users collect data in real-time, answering questions fast and keeping up with their ever changing market.

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Spot trends in hard to reach markets

With traditional market research you’ll struggle to collect consistent results, with identical methodology across multiple markets. With Brandwatch you can conduct research in hard to reach markets like China, India and the Middle East.

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Why FDM?

  • Results take weeks to collect and analyze
  • Unreliable, solicited data from incentivized panelists
  • Difficult to research, hard to reach markets
  • Analyze results instantly in real-time
  • Reliable unsolicited and solicited data from engaged, yet non incentivized panelists
  • Maintain consistent methodologies in hard to reach markets across the globe

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